When we dropped the news of the folding of the club on the 12th of July it felt inconceivable that we would be in the position that we now find ourselves in.

Just over a month on from that dark day in our history we can final officially announce that the person behind the rebirth of St. James Gate FC was a prominent figure in the Irish Football world, Andrew O’Callaghan.

Andrew, or Andy as he prefers, reached out to the club after reading the news of our demise. Andy’s message was clear and concise, he wasn’t willing to stand by and watch a founding member of the League of Ireland “go to the wall”

Andy, a successful businessman and former chairman of St. Patrick’s Athletic, immediately got to work in securing the club’s status back in the Leinster Senior League and our standing in Iveagh Grounds. He also worked with the existing members to expand the committee and begin planning for the season ahead on the pitch.

The immediate ethos and plan within the club is to now Stabilise and Build. The Club is delighted to have Andy’s backing and to plan for the future.